Collection: Sarah Wagdy

About Sarah:

Hailing from Cairo, Egypt, Sarah's journey into fashion began after earning a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications. Transitioning from an airline flight crew role to pursue her passion for design, Sarah's global travels influenced her distinctive aesthetic. In 2019, she embarked on her shoe design journey at Cairo Design School, followed by intensive training at Academia Riacci in Florence, Italy, in 2020, honing her craft under industry masters.



About the Brand:

Sarah Wagdy, an independent Egyptian brand, emerged onto the fashion scene in August 2022 with its inaugural collection "Buckle Up." As the Creative Director, Sarah leads the brand, infusing each shoe design with her personal touch.

The brand oversees every aspect, from sketching to sourcing, ensuring top quality. It offers sizes 36 to 42, promoting inclusivity, and all products are sustainably crafted with 100% genuine local leather.