Collection: Solennel by Saedi

SAEDI, the house of exquisitely designed haute couture and ready to wear pieces; inspired by and made for women.  Founded, in 2012  by Egyptian fashion designer and entrepreneur Ahmed Al-Saedi, as an attempt to celebrate the soft warrior woman. A persona, he often saw in his hardworking, yet warm and feminine mother and later all women. Becoming his muse, for years to come.

Reflected in his iconic aesthetic designs for over a decade, SAEDI is now a leading fashion brand in the MENA region.  Known for its bold original pieces, merging unusual fabrics, designs and cuts.

SAEDI is driven by the feminine need to flourish and prosper in every way. Each garment created, tells a story on its own. Which makes every collection a brush stroke in the bigger painting of women’s empowerment.

Celebrated by many women, celebrities, artists, designers, and international entities. SAEDI, is the go-to brand for timeless iconic garments. Ones that bold, unique and speak louder than words, leaving a mark in the Egyptian and international fashion industry. That is the future.